Myprettylife (myprettylife) wrote in bodyperfection,

Hey yall..well i started my fast today. We'll see how it goes! I sprained my ankle coming down the steps at school :[ im so clumsy. Anyways if anyone wants to talk to me my s/n is MyPrettyLife06.. So IMe me if ya wanna chat. Hope everyone is doing good..
<3 Christina
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hey, so you are on day two of your fast? That is wonderful. Keep it up. I am actually on day four of mine. i have been working so hard to hide it. Best of luck
haha now im on day only drinking water and green tea! Other than that no food. Thx for the motivation! I hope your doing great too..keep up the good work :]
aw i sprained my ankle in july over the summer :( it wasn't fun. it really was good motivation not to eat as much though...since i couldn't exercise.
yeah well i didnt really sprain my was more like i done something to my foot its all swollen and stuff.. but i can walk better w/o limping now lol :]