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heylo, i'm new here. it seems from reading down a little way that some of you are aspiring anorexics, and its for that reason i'm not sure this is an amzing idea, but it'll be a test of my will. i deffinately don't want to fall to starvation, i've been there, not out of vanity but through psychological issues. i'm just after being healthier, purer and more beautiful. this is my plan...
Height: 5'7" i'm there and theres nothing i can do about that, but maybe carry myself more gracefully.
Weight: 105lb ... i need to lose 35-40lb, i'm going to do this by walking 4 miles to and from college every day, and cutting out all sweets and most fats. eating less than 1000 kcal a day.
Build: firm and strong but an hourglass ... i'm going to use the fitness suite at college at least 3 times a week, do exercises at home, particularly focusing on the waist, i'm getting a corset for my birthday (january 12th) which will enhance my shape. sit ups?
Hair: long, dark brown, ringletted ... hair extensions! woo! i can't wait :)
Eyes: black, long dark lashes ... contact lenses(once i'm happier with my body), and mascara.
Skin: pale, smooth, clear, rosy cheeks ... drink lots of water, wear blusher.
Mods: some sort of back piercing, yet to be designed, hips, chest, more around my mouth.

Work extra hard in my A levels, study all i'm supposed to, hold my coursework above all other commitments, give it my best :) get off my medication, be in bed by midnight.

keep studying like the neophite that i am :) read and write extensively on the history of witchcraft, practise magick within a circle at least once a week, build up my collection of ingredients, help other people, don't be selfish, practise self control.

Love Jenny xxx

good luck!
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You want to weigh 105lbs or you already do?
Either way, it's too little! That's how much I weigh and it's not enough. I don't have an eating disorder, but I'm very small and petite (5'3 with a small build) and I've always wanted to weigh more. I've never dieted or fasted or any of that junk, this is just how I am, but naturally, I wish I could be heavier. There's not much I can do about it really, so I guess I'll just accept it.
Anyway, I say, focus less on the scale. If you want a smaller waist, excercise your body and tone your waist. Focus on eating real food, nutritional food, and getting all your necessary nutrients. Build a strong, healthy body, and love it. In the meantime, 145lbs is a good number if you insist on numbers, but start loving your body today for what it is and you'll be much happier.