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hello gorgeous

hi, i'm Tracie. i'm generally pretty happy with me. what is it when you feel gorgeous when you're with the other people but alone ... in front of the mirror ... it's not so. well, i was reading all the pale white skin wishes below. i don't get it... i know -- i'm probably too much of a california girl, but here is my perfect 'me.'

hair - windblown, highlighted (it's dark, i'm 1/2 japanese)
skin - golden, glowing tan (fake bake of course, who wants skin cancer?)
nails - long, neutral manicure
tattoos/body art - absolutely none
build - slender, athletic
height - i'm 5'2"
weight - 110

currently - hair is perfect, skin is perfect, nails need growing, and weight needs to go down about 15 more pounds (ugh)

keep working out kids. i'm a vegetarian, too, it's been great help
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