Alka (legato_love) wrote in bodyperfection,
bodyperfection that I feel un-timid enough to post this...

So...this isn't just a loosing weight community, but I do want perfection as close I as I perfection would be...

1. Pale Skin
2. 125 pounds
3. No 'tummy'
4. No more dry elbows (anyone else have a problem with this?)
5. Long raven hair
6. Long flawless legs

Now that that's done...I was wondering if any of you knew some good low calorie foods. I’m new to restricting diets. I'm 134 now and would like to get to 125 before school starts. Could you guys help me out, please? :(

Hoping someone will respond with advice,
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whats up ... i think maybe we can help eachother out, im 130 and ive had my ups and downs with weight and im sure u can agree it sucks... i wanna get down to about 120 by the time school starts .. how tall are u? im 5'7 1/2 ... i would love to eventually get down to 115 bcause thats about the statz of keira knightley, and she looks amazing ! ummm here are some of my tips for u well obviously drink lots n lots of water... if u get sick or bored of that drink diet soda but not too much cuz ull bloat (im sure u know all of this but this is wat i do) umm celery is deff good.. one thing that is the absolute best thing in the whole world is Smart Ones Icecream... (the flying saucer kind with choc cookie and vanilla ice cream) its 99% fat free.. only 130 calories.. and it TASTES SO GOOD.. i am trying to restrict myself to stay under 500 cals for the next 6 weeks )(thats how long i have how bout u?) well i hope to talk 2 u soon