Kassi (_onehundred) wrote in bodyperfection,

Hey ladies, I'm new here.

My idea of a perfect 'me' is
(the bolded are already true)

Height: 5'0
Weight: 100lbs
Build: thin and toned without any jiggling fat
Hair: medium-length rich brown
Skin: flawless, no trace of acne; tan
Nails: neat, a little long, french manicure, square tips, neat cuticles
Eyes: lightly lined with liner and smokey; full dark voluminous lashes

Ugh. I'm already thin I'm just pudgy still. I just need to get rid of a small amount of excess fat that is holding my body back from looking the way I want it to.

My hair is brown and to my shoulders but I kind of want it to be richer.

I bite my nails really bad but I'm getting french tips on for homecoming.

My eyes are weird so liner doesn't look right on them :-/ nor do dark colored shadows...I really wish those mascaras that were supposed to plump up your lashes worked...
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